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Time is Money

HxP saves telecom customers both Time & Money when it comes to carrier selection.
Frequently, the incumbent local exchange companies (LECs) are not priced competitively as compared to the alternative National Tier 1 Carriers, broadband providers and even the new Regional Carriers. Business owners now have carrier choices and HxP speeds the process by searching carrier databases for the best value providers.
HxP saves its customers time and money by presenting multiple carrier quotes and recommending their carriers-of-choice.  The customer makes the final decision and the carrier pays the HxP fees.  HxP is a FREE resource for you.
Carrier recommendation for your telecom system
Our carrier partners include:
Aire Spring at HxP and AssociatesAlpheus Communications through HxP and AssociatesATT service through HxP and AssociatesCharger Business service through HxP and AssociatesBirch Communications by HxP & AssociatesComcast provided by HxP & AssociatesFrontier Communications by HxP and AssociatesGrande Communications - HxP and AssociatesGranite carrier service with HxP & AssociatesLevel 3 phone service through HxP and AssociatesLogix network service - HxP and AssociatesMegaPath Data-Voice-Security - HxP & AssociatesNitel phone service through HxP and AssociatesSpectrum at HxP & AssociatesTelePacific Communications with HxP & AssociatesWindstream data & phone through HXP & AssociatesXO carrier service at HxP and Associates
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