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Since 2004, HxP has been providing telecom advice to local and national businesses and non-profits that do not have a telecom staff. 

HxP is a client advocate, is non-biased and represents all leading telecom carriers and all leading telephone system manufactures.  This includes several proven HPBX, Cloud and managed service providers.  HxP provides their clients choices and the vendors they pick pay HxP's fees.  HxP's clients pay HxP nothing whether HxP can help their clients or not.

Brian Padden is President/CEO of HxP and Associates, Inc.  Brian has over 30 years experience in data center operations management and telecommunications' consulting for multiple Fortune 1000, 100 and 50 companies.

Brian Padden President f HxP and Associates
Prior to forming HxP and Associates, Inc., d.b.a. HxP Telecom Solutions, Brian leveraged his operations and contact center managerial experiences into a consulting practice. His consulting experiences crossed multiple industries including various LEC and LD carriers where he provided operations control, process improvement and project management expertise for business critical systems.

Brian has been featured in multiple newspapers, a national publication, radio stations and TV stations. Plus he won multiple awards including the Plano Chamber Ambassador of the Year in 2007.
Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics from Tampa University and earned his MBA in Telecommunications Management at the University of Dallas-Graduate School of Management.
Brian is a current member of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce and Plano Chamber of Commerce. He also is a member of Business Networking International and served as chapter president several times.
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