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Even the most secure networks face risks due to factors that cannot be mitigated with hardware or software. Hackers can attack networks through social engineering and malicious attacks targeting employees. 

These attempts can take many forms, but all leverage employees to gain access to the network.



Through our partnership with Knowbe4, employee training is provided to help protect the integrity and confidentiality of company information.

Prior to launch, a phishing email is sent to capture pre-campaign click rates. 

Every email user is enrolled in self-guided online training that should take 30-45 minutes to complete.

After training, they received weekly reminders about current threats they may see in their inbox.

Approximately monthly they receive a test phishing email designed to keep them vigilant and re-enroll them if additional training is needed. Performance reports are sent monthly.

In order to quote the exact same training that large fortune 50 companies use, all I need is a count of the number of employees that have email.

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